All our tips for detoxifying your body

 The generalized state of fatigue and depression are signs that the body sends to warn that it has accumulated too many toxins and that a detox cure treatment is essential. What could be better than natural easy ways to detox your body to start off on the right foot and find little pep? 

All our tips for detoxifying your body

The cleanse your body needs to eliminate toxins

 Yes, your body deserves a little rest too! Saturated by a diet that is often too rich for its needs, exhausted by an overly sedentary and stressful lifestyle, weakened by pollution... He is stressed and saturated! How to help him recover from a sometimes unbalanced lifestyle? Simply by the elimination of toxins that your body has accumulated over time! For this, a detox cure is ideal! It eliminates impurities that stagnate in the body and relieves the organs responsible for evacuating them in normal times (namely the kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, and intestines). It is essential to gently purify the body and find a good balance in life.

The detox cure: instructions for use

Detoxifying your body, more than a cure, is a set of healthy gestures, favorable to the well-being of the body, to be combined over a more or less long period (ranging from 2 to 30 days). It is best to start with a moderate formula (one week at most) before embarking on more intense and longer cures. Do not hesitate to consult a professional, who can help you with the precautions to take and the procedure to follow.

Headaches, fatigue… The side effects of detox can be discouraging. Signs that your body is eliminating the toxins that clutter it. If these symptoms intensify and remain for more than three days, you must consult a doctor.

Here are some easy ways and good habits to adopt to revive this formidable machine that is the human body:

1. Purification by rebalancing your Diet

The Consummation of healthy foods, which do not contain many toxins, is essential to put your organs at rest and facilitate the elimination of older residues, a healthy balanced diet can help your body for regular detoxification. So what do we eat? Mainly seasonal fruits and vegetables, at set times, and in reasonable proportions

Exit coffee, alcohol, red meat, dairy products,  fried foods, sweets,  and processed foods! Your mast says welcome to soups and salads, which will allow you to fill up on vitamins and trace elements! On the meat side, choose white, or opt for fish. 

If your question is what are good foods for a detox cure? They are foods that favor natural detox.

  • Lemon: Lemon is the first and the more important ingredient for any good detox cure! The best ally of the liver is to be consumed without moderation to find a healthy one. Consume every morning hot water with this ingredient to boost your digestive system.
  • Brown rice and quinoa are good foods for a detox cure as well as all other gluten-free cereals, such as buckwheat and millet, are more dietary than refined cereals (white pasta and white bread: to be avoided!) Rice is particularly indicated for its potassium level high.
  • Garlic: It is a natural antimicrobial and antioxidant that helps protect from viruses and aging! Eat it preferably fresh and whole to benefit from all its benefits.
  • Beetroot: It provides lasting relief to your gallbladder and improves the health of your digestive system, improving the body's resistance. 
  • The Apple: Eating apples daily is the best way to have natural detox cure.
  • Broccoli and cabbage are foods rich in fiber and contain vitamin E, an antioxidant necessary for the proper functioning of the liver, these vegetables improve transit while purifying the body!

2. Drink to drain your body.

You have to drink a lot of water again and again! Drinking a lot of water, will stimulate your kidneys and greatly help flush toxins through urine. If it is recommended to drink daily 1,5 liters of water, you have to increase this dose to 2 liters daily to be more efficient. We warned you: that detox cure is a real internal cleansing for your body!

Flavor your water with green tea, herbals, or pure lemon.

3. For body detoxification Get moving!

Movement is the easiest and best way to activate blood circulation. To purify your body you must stay active at least thirty minutes a day. Also practice cardio activity twice a week, which will also allow you to burn unwanted fat. Running out of ideas? For idéal cardio activité we suggest the practice these sports

  • Running: Sovereign of cardio sports help your body with clearing out harm regularly (remember to hydrate by taking a lot of water to speed up detoxification of your body). 
  • Swimming: Develop your cardio and consume an overabundance of calories! Help and assist effectively in the elimination of impurities.
  • Dance: Rhythmic (Merengue, pop, salsa, Zumba, and rock), those complete sports accelerates the blood rhythms. Help the body to detoxify efficiently.

4. Adopt fasting and its virtues.

Practiced fasting with caution, light one is beneficial for the body, but unsuitable for supporting a rich and constant nutritional intake. Set out to settle your stomach-related framework for a period and you will see the advantages of fasting: A période of 16 hours without strong food is enough to start! You need to skip dinners and take your morning meal later the following day. fasting is perhaps the most ideal way to help the body get natural detoxification. Don't forget to drink water to hydrate.

5. Help the detoxification of the body by absorbing juices instead of water.

Regular absorption of Juices instead of water helps the body to quickly fill up with vitamins. If you have an extractor or a juicer, you will have the advantage of benefiting from them without fibers, which are recommended for frequent consummation. The most well-known detox juices are:

Kale cabbage: It contains magnesium, and potassium along with nutrients C and A. It is magnificent for reinforcing the insusceptible framework!. To assist the detoxification body, you have to mix it in with an apple and a pear with water for a delicious juice. To drink without moderation.

Kiwi: Very plentiful in L-ascorbic acid, it works with processing so doing it contributes proficiently to the detoxification of the body. Blend your kiwi in with cucumber and somewhat ginger. Preferably drink it free.

6. Treat the body by washing up with a nice hot bath.

You will have perceived: that perspiring wipes out poisons and toxins. And what better than a hot bath to relax while accelerating sweating? Take advantage of a winter evening to dive into your bathtub! For better results, flavor your water with essential oils in the form of a “bath”, they will make this moment of well-being unforgettable.

  • Lavender shower: normal relaxant, assist your body with expanding its regular energy, lavender calms and offers an uncommon sensation of unwinding (detoxing by suiting). Pour a few drops of true lavender essential oil into the bath water and treat yourself to a relaxing cocooning moment
  • Arnica bath: ideal for athletes, and arnica recovery bath calms muscle stiffness. It refreshes and tones gently.
  • Rosemary bath: A powerful stimulant, rosemary will give you strength and vitality! Ideal to start the day off right! 

7. Indulge in Herbal Medicine.

Plants have a great many virtues! It is therefore not surprising that some are known to facilitate drainage and boost the elimination of toxins. In infusion, juice, or in the form of food supplements, they will increase the effectiveness of the body.

  • Dandelion: the star of detox plants, dandelion cleanses the blood, stimulates the kidneys, and increases bile secretions. Her diuretic action eliminates naturally the toxins through the urine.
  • Birch: recommended for periods of transition or during a change of season, birch offers gentle and healthy drainage while providing magnesium and vitamin C to the body.
  • Dark radish: It is astounding for stimulating languid livers. After overeating, it is the plant that relieves the body and gently restores her balance.
  • Meadowsweet: successful against stomach throbs, this plant is normally filtering and diuretic.
  • Vegetable charcoal: it rids the stomach and intestines of unwanted residues. A true digestive system cleanser, charcoal is particularly indicated for treating stomach aches and flatulence. Also, it's diet food.
  • The orthosiphon: excellent diet food, and natural drainer, the orthosiphon is excellent for the kidneys as well as the bladder and contributes to the elimination of kidney stones. It effectively evacuates urinary and biliary waste. Very efficient against water retention.
  • Birch sap: diet food, this natural vegetable drainer helps purify the liver, eliminate toxins from the body and boost weight loss.

8. Fall for the efficiency of the drainers!

Do you want intense and complete detoxification? Purify both your kidneys, your liver, and your digestive system naturally? Some brands offer draining food supplements in the form of “juices” or “concentrates” to be diluted.

  • SIMPLY+ Drainage 125 ml – 25-day cure: a complete cure that drains and purifies the body, and eliminates superfluous fat.
  • Detoxing without iodine, from Ortis: with a delicious apple taste, this juice based on artichoke, dandelion, tamarind, and fennel supports the activity of the liver, kidneys, and transit. Thanks to the action of wild pansy, this concentration also maintains the beauty of the skin.

How to detoxify your body to lose weight? The power of the slimming detoxication drainer

  • Turbo Detoxification from Forte Pharma: this kale-enriched formula dislodges excess water retained in the body and helps reduce feelings of swelling. It is ideal for preparing your body to lose weight and effectively accompanies a slimming diet. If you want a more intense slimming action, then opt for Turbo Draine!
  • B.Slim herbal tea: recognized for its effectiveness, B.Slim herbal teas increase weight loss while cleansing your digestive system. Their secret? Curly mallow is a naturally draining and purifying Asian plant!

9. Aromatherapy, or natural detoxification

Natural and gentle, aromatherapy will also allow you to improve the health of your body! Warning: always use essential oils with caution, be aware that some of them are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children under 6 years old. 

  • Lemon essential oil: you now know: lemon is the detoxification ingredient par excellence! A few drops of this essential oil will allow you to purify your body, strengthen your immune system, and actively drain your body.
  • Peppermint essential oil: it effectively combats digestive problems (slow transit, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, intestinal cramps, etc.) and reduces the feeling of general fatigue.
  • Rosemary verbenone essential oil: it detoxifies the blood and regenerates liver cells. Verbenone Rosemary is also an excellent regulator of the fats present in the blood, facilitating their elimination.
  • Juniper essential oil: ultra-draining, it offers real internal cleansing by effectively stimulating the elimination of waste from the body. It is the oil to adopt after the excesses of the holidays or a meal that is a little too copious... Excellent for the lymphatic system, it effectively drains the water retained in the cells and therefore combats water retention.

When to do a detoxification cure and which cure to choose?

Doing a detoxification cure cannot be improvised and cannot be decided overnight. A detox cure must be planned in advance because it is important to select your foods carefully and establish a very specific program for your week of food detox. A detoxifying cure generally lasts 3 weeks. The first week consists of gradually introducing detox foods, drinking plenty of water, reducing excesses, and reducing stimulating drinks such as coffee. This week allows your body to adjust to its new diet. The second week is the fateful detox week. During this week, you offer your body a detoxifying diet par excellence that will help your body eliminate all toxins. The third week, meanwhile, is a week of reintroducing everyday foods.

To do a detox cure, it is important to plan it well in advance. To do this, it is advisable to choose a specific time to start it: after the end of year celebrations, after overeating, or before the arrival of a new season such as spring or autumn.

How to cleanse your body from the inside and how to eliminate toxins? Focus on popular detox cures

Do you want to start a detoxification cure, but don't know which one to choose? There are several possible cures. To help you choose the one that suits you best, discover the existing cures:

The classic cure: consists of introducing into your diet detox foods that are hypoxic to the body such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, organic products, etc.

The zero sugar cure: consists of eliminating all sugars from your diet.

Fasting: this method can be good for your body and boost your immune system.

The mono diet: consists of eating a single food (healthy of course) for a period of 3 days.

Lemon juice: drink a glass of lemon juice diluted in warm water every morning on an empty stomach.

Liquid cure: it consists of drinking only about 6 detox juices, herbal teas, and/or smoothies per day.

How to do a week of classic detox? Our tips and tricks to purify your body

You don't know which meals to scheduling during your detox cure? Here are some tips for delicious meals to incorporate into a detox day:

1. For breakfast: quinoa and soy milk pudding, chia seeds, and fresh fruit.

Before going to sleep, cook some quinoa. Once ready, mix it with a little soy milk without added sugar. Add some chia seeds and mix everything together. Refrigerate until the next morning. Add fresh fruits (kiwi and blueberries) just before consuming it.

2. During the snack: fresh beetroot and orange juice.

For the snack, switch to the fruit extractor, beets, and an orange. You have to Drink it before oxidation within 10 minutes.

3. At lunch: vegetable broth and konjac.

Cook 2 carrots and 1 broccoli cut into pieces in a vegetable broth. You can add the konjac once the vegetables are cooked.

4. During the snack: a few almonds and 2-3 dried apricots

5. For dinner: zucchini spaghetti, arugula, and lentils

Grate the zucchini to obtain spaghetti. Cook them in boiling water. Once ready, add the arugula and the lentils. A delight! Thanks to these few tips, you are ready to succeed in your detox cure and restart the exceptional machine that is the human body: act on several levels and get back into shape very quickly!

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