Hell Train [eBook] [PDF Download]


Hell Train

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Year: 2022


Price on Amazon: $19,20

Welcome on board. Your objective is Hell.

Cut and Xavi are understudies in affection, and have quite recently boarded a train to get their midday addresses. Be that as it may, they won't make their objective. Someone has different designs for them.

The world is going to quite seems to be OK, and Clip and Xavi's splendid prospects will be stopped very. There are dull and detestable risks on board the train outside their ability to grasp, and for reasons unknown, the lights continue onward out. Most unusual of all, the train has quite recently entered a short passage however doesn't appear to be coming out the opposite end. It's practically similar to the passage that continues for eternity. What's more, of all time. What's more, of all time.

An adoration letter to Stephen King's 'the Langoliers', 'Damnation Train' is the chilling secret novel you've been looking for. New for 2022. Get your duplicate at this point.


On December 21, 2012, as indicated by the Mayan Calendar, the world should end. It didn't really. Yet, on that day, 113 secretive compositions were found all over the planet, and everyone has written in blood by an obscure writer. After a few dozen unexplained passings happened to the locators of said compositions, a choice was made to secure them for good in a mystery vault underneath the Vatican. It is said that any individual who peruses the accounts will pass on, and as such, they are presently alluded to as 'The Cursed Manuscripts.

In December 2020, new compositions fired turning up around the world. 'Damnation Train' was one of them.

Hell Train

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