Sign of the Maker, Boston Crime [eBook] [PDF Download]


Sign of the Maker

Genre: Crime, Thrillers, and Mystery - Thrillers

Language: English

Year: 2021

Author: Brian Shea

Price on Amazon: $18,98

Acclaimed writer Brian Shea is back with SIGN OF THE MAKER, the fourth book in his heart-beating Boston Crime Thriller Series.

"Brian Shea is the real deal," — Steve Konkoly, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Ryan Decker Series

At the point when a plane focuses on the city he cherishes, Detective Kelly should conclude how far he'll go to stop them.

Shoot tears through midtown Boston on an early October morning and Detective Michael Kelly rushes to the scene. In any case, before he can start to figure out the assault, another blast sends shockwaves through the city.

Faltering, and frantic for replies, Kelly and his group start a citywide manhunt. The main hint from the impact site drives Kelly to a prisoner — who is not exactly anxious to help.

As Kelly focuses on the legal sciences, his source uncovers the executioner's next targets. Furnished with this information, Kelly and his group hurry to advance beyond the baffling killer.

However, with the city in question and the clock in a real sense ticking, one wrong maneuver could have horrendous results.

Sign of the Maker, Boston Crime

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