Verity [eBook] [PDF Download]



Genre: Crime, Thrillers, and Mystery - Thrillers

Language: English

Year: 2021

Author: Colleen Hoover

Price on Amazon: $41,61

Lowen Ashleigh is a striving essayist near the very edge of monetary ruin when she acknowledges a truly epic proposition for employment. Jeremy Crawford, the spouse of smash hit writer Verity Crawford, has recruited Lowen to finish the excess books in a fruitful series his harmed wife can't wrap up.

Lowen shows up at the Crawford home, prepared to figure out long stretches of Verity's notes and diagrams, expecting to see sufficient material to kick her off. What Lowen doesn't anticipate uncovering in the tumultuous office is an incomplete collection of memoirs Verity never expected anybody to peruse. A large number of pages of frigid confirmations, including Verity's memory of the night her family was everlastingly modified.

Lowen chooses to keep the composition stowed away from Jeremy, realizing its items could destroy the generally lamenting dad. In any case, as Lowen's affections for Jeremy start to escalate, she perceives every one of the manners in which she could benefit if he somehow managed to peruse his significant other's words. All things considered, regardless of how committed Jeremy is to his harmed spouse, a reality this frightening would make it unimaginable for him to keep cherishing her.


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