Haunting Adeline (Book 2) [eBook] [PDF Download]

A Dark Stalker Romance (Adeline Duet Book 2)

Haunting Adeline

Genre: Horror   

Language: English

Year: 2022

Author: H. D. Carlton

Price on Amazon: $26,80

Haunting Adeline

AN AMAZON TOP 50 Blockbuster!

The end to the Cat and Mouse Two-part harmony is here...

The Diamond

Passing strolls close by me,

In any case, the harvester is no counterpart for me.

I'm caught in a world loaded with beasts dressed as men, and people who aren't as they appear.

They won't keep me for eternity.

I never again perceive the individual I've become,

Furthermore, I'm battling to find my direction back to the monster who chases me in the evening.

They call me a precious stone,

However, they've just made a heavenly messenger of death.

The Hunter

I was conceived as a hunter,

With savagery imbued in my bones.

At the point when what's mine is taken from me in the evening,

Like a precious stone secret inside a post,

I find that I can never again contain the monster.

Blood will paint the ground as I destroy this world to see her.

What's more, take her back to where she should be.

Nobody will get away from my rage,

Particularly not the people who have sold out me.

Caution: This is the second and last portion of the Two part harmony. You should peruse Haunting Adeline (Book 1) first.

Haunting Adeline (Book 2)

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