Wyld Dreamers [eBook] [PDF Download]

Wyld Dreamers

Genre: Crime, Thrillers, and Mystery - Thrillers

Language: English

Year: 2021

Author: Pamela Holmes

Price on Amazon: $10.54

"Holmes makes a calm quality of pressure as she deftly depicts the thoughtlessness of youth and its ramifications in her endearingly imperfect characters." — Hilary Boyd, smash hit creator of Thursdays in the Recreation area

In the late spring of 1972, a gathering of companions is welcome to Somerset to assist picture taker Seymour Stratton with revamping a broken-down house on Wyld Homestead. Over the course of the following year, they come to view the homestead as a spot to be until the end of their lives, to partake in the easy street. Be that as it may, in spite of the responsibility and kinship, the rustic idyll breakdowns.

A quarter century after the fact, the gathering is united again in surprising conditions — and the mysteries of the past that are uncovered may wreck once tough companionships — in this uncommon novel from the top-rated creator of The Huntingfield Paintress.

"Wry, clear, and deftly plotted, this record of how energetic imprudences can return to cause major problems for you in middle age is a genuine joy." — John Preston, creator of An Exceptionally English Outrage

Wyld Dreamers

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