Apple's iOS 16 Makes Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password Simpler Than at any other time

  You can view the saved Wi-Fi password in your iPhone's settings and share it away. This is the way.

Apple's iOS 16 incorporates plenty of cool features to enhance how you utilize your iPhone, yet one of the most useful additions is a simpler way to find and give out your Wi-Fi password. An element's been available on Android for a really long time and is way more flexible than Apple's past strategy for sharing Wi-Fi network access.

Apple Sharing WiFi Password

Before iOS 16, sharing a Wi-Fi network was just available between Apple gadgets and doesn't really show what the password is. For example, if you needed to associate your Nintendo Switch or shrewd television to the web along these lines, it wouldn't work except if you had the really composed password.

Luckily, this latest element allows you effectively to go into your settings, find a Wi-Fi network and view the Wi-Fi password. You can then copy and paste it into a text message or email and effectively share it with any other individual who needs it. This is the way. (This is likewise the way to find stored Wi-Fi passwords on your Macintosh.)

The way to view on iOS 16 a saved Wi-Fi password 

For everything to fall into place, you should be either connected to the Wi-Fi network or have connected to it previously and be sufficiently near to the switch for the network to show up in your settings. On the off chance that you meet these necessities, send off the Settings application on your iPhone running iOS 16 and do the following:

The way to view on iOS 16 a saved WiFi password

  1. Go to Wi-Fi.
  2. Find the Wi-Fi network you need the password for and tap on the blue information symbol on one side of the network name.
  3. Tap on Password and use Face ID, or Touch ID, or enter your password to view the password.
  4. Finally, hit Copy to save the password to your clipboard.
You can then paste the Wi-Fi network password into a text message or email to share it with somebody, or simply let them know the password.

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