Just PC players need a registered phone number for Modern Warfare 2


Modern Warfare 2

Players who got to the original Warzone on PC have needed to connect a phone number since May 2020 and won't be excluded from that requirement Security measure comes on top of Ricochet's required bit-level drivers.

Recent updates to the online store and backing pages recommended that all Modern Warfare II players would need to register an extraordinary, message-fit phone number with their account to play the game. In a blog entry this week, however, the team behind the game's Ricochet anti-cheat system proposes that the requirement will just apply to PC players.

That is a significant contrast from Blizzard's policy with respect to Overwatch 2, which at first required all players across PC and consoles to register a phone number for its "SMS Secure" system. Blizzard later somewhat moved back that policy to exclude players who utilized a Battle.net account to play the original Overwatch.

Activision's SMS security requirement will likewise stretch out to PC players of the allowed-to-play Warzone 2.0, Team Ricochet composes. Players who got to the original Warzone on PC have needed to connect a phone number since May 2020 and won't be excluded from that requirement for the continuation.

The 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare — which incorporates admittance to Warzone — added a comparable SMS phone requirement in August 2022. That is on the grounds that the anti-cheat team "began seeing more cheaters endeavor to get to Warzone from Modern Warfare to sidestep the SMS policy, so the security team prescribed the update to additional battle the illegal account market."

Comparable thinking appears to apply to the security requirements during the current month's launch of Modern Warfare 2 and the related Warzone 2.0. "SMS confirmation is basic to our anti-cheat requirement endeavors, handling illegal account creation at its source," Team Ricochet composes. This helps our security with teaming to stay aware of an account and game security to provide a safeguarded, fair, and horseplay gaming experience for all of our players.

Modern Warfare 2 will likewise be the primary establishment game to require PC players to utilize Ricochet's bit-level anti-cheat drivers at launch. Those drivers are additionally being refreshed to "provide more information to our security teams in case of cheaters getting into the game, taking care of information to our recognition and alleviation systems," the engineers compose.

While the Ricochet system was fairly set up for the game's open beta recently (and provoked more than 20,000 account blacklists), the team says it will do "all current [cheat] moderation systems" for the game's full launch on October 28. That incorporates measures that can strike cheaters blind, eliminate their weapons, and safeguard their rivals from harm, as well as more cheater-baffling impacts.

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