Shrine to Murder [eBook] [PDF Download]

Written by Roger Silverwood one of the masters of mystery

Shrine to Murder

Genre: Crime, Thrillers, and Mystery - Thrillers

Language: English

Year: 2020


Price on Amazon: $6,80

An Investigator WHO'S NO Holy messenger In spite of HIS NAME.

Find a grasping series of homicide secrets set in south Yorkshire.

MEET Analyst Examiner MICHAEL Heavenly messenger. AN Old fashioned Cop WHO At times Annoys HIS Partners UP. HE'S GOT HIS Imperfections, Yet HE NEVER Abandons A CASE.

A Chronic Executioner Running wild IN YORKSHIRE

A man ascends a stepping stool to go into a house and wounds Luke Redman to death in his bed.

The hints are however meager as they may be confusing: A person in early Roman dress is seen at each homicide and a tree leaf is left on every carcass.

DNA proof connections a lady of East Asian beginning to the killings however this profile doesn't fit any of the suspects.

The examinations become more beguiling as the Overseer Holy messenger attempts to beat the odds to track down the executioner. Could he at any point forestall further carnage?

A Splendidly Grasping Secret Loaded with Turns

Ideal for aficionados of R.D. Wingfield, Colin Dexter, Peter Robinson, Reginald Slope, and Agatha Christie.

Shrine to Murder

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