Sleeping Beauties [eBook] [PDF Download]

Genre: Novel 

Language: English

Year: 2017

Price on Amazon: $12,59

Author: Stephen King & Owen King


In this tremendous dad/child coordinated effort, Stephen Ruler and Owen Lord tell the most elevated of high-stakes stories: what could occur assuming ladies vanished from the universe of men?

In a future so genuine and close to it very well may be currently, something happens when ladies nod off: they become covered in a case-like dressing. On the off chance that they are stirred, assuming the dressing wrapping their bodies is upset or disregarded, the ladies become wild and breathtakingly fierce. And keeping in mind that they rest they go somewhere else, a superior spot, where congruity wins and struggle is uncommon.

One lady, the secretive "Eve Dark," is resistant to the gift or revile of the resting sickness. Is Eve a clinical inconsistency to be examined? Or on the other hand, would she say she is a devil who should be killed? Deserted, left to their undeniably base desires, the men partition into fighting groups, some needing to kill Eve, some to save her. Others exploit the tumult to unleash their own retribution on new foes. All go to brutality in an unexpectedly all-male world.

Set in a little Appalachian town whose essential business is a ladies' jail, Dozing Wonders is a ridiculously provocative, wonderfully sensational dad-child cooperation that feels especially pressing and important today.

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Sleeping Beauties

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