The Girl in the Castle [eBook] [PDF Download]

girl in the castle

Genre: Crime, Thrillers & Mystery - Thrillers

Language: English

Year: 2022

Author: James Patterson &  Emily Raymond

Dearest #1 top-rated creator James Patterson conveys an exhilarating novel about a high schooler who got between two universes and the bits of insight that could liberate her — or trap her for eternity.

I go by Hannah Dory and I really want you to trust me

Presently: Hannah Doe is brought to Belman Psych, kicking and shouting, told she is experiencing visualizations and daydreams.

1347: Hannah Dory and her town are starving to death in a fierce winter. Hannah searches for food and salvation in the aristocrat's palace. In the event that she is found taking, she will most likely hang.

Presently: Hannah knows the reality: she is Hannah Doe and Hannah Dory, and she should get back to the past before saving her sister is past the point of no return. Will Jordan, the Strange Psych understudy who appears to really mind, be the one to help her at last?

Jordan doesn't know what to accept, and Hannah has significantly more serious issues: in the event that she doesn't return, her sister will pass on, yet assuming she continues onward back, she may very well ever get away.

The Girl in the Castle

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