The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop [eBook] [PDF Download]


The Hocus Pocus

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Year: 2019

Price on Amazon: $16,99

Author: Abigail Drake 

A splendid scientific expert. A dusty, old magic shop. A mystery book of spells. What's the worst that could happen?

At the point when Ph.D. up-and-comer Effortlessness O'Leary finds a book of spells concealed in her Auntie Lucy's desolate shop, the researcher in her tingles to give them a shot. She stirs up a bunch of affection elixirs as a joke — and is left confronting the results when they really appear to work.

Her fantasy about turning into a teacher is in danger, the shop is very nearly shutting, her auntie has ended up being careless and befuddled, and an attractive columnist named Dario Fontana continues to sniff around for a story. The last thing she really wants is for him to learn about the adoration elixirs and uncover her as a fake, yet the sizzling science between them is soon too strong to even consider denying.

With her own proficient life in bedlam and her maturing relationship with Dario in danger, Beauty is confronted with a tough decision. Fixing what is broken means conflicting with each consistent bone in her body. Could Effortlessness quiet her logical mind to the point of tolerating reality with regard to magic… and furthermore about herself?

The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop

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