Lovecraft in a Time of Madness

Lovecraft in a Time of Madness (Write Like Hell Book 4) 

Genre: Fiction - Horror

Language: English

Year: 2021

Price on Amazon: $15,99

AuthorC. L. Werner & Thomas Parrot & Mark Wheaton & David F. Gray & Scotty Milder & Madison Kilian

Lovecraft in a Period of Franticness is an assortment of 21 shocking stories, propelled by crafted by H.P. Lovecraft. 
Including stories from across the globe, this compilation reveals a vast expanse of shocking ceremonies, startling animals, and those courageous people who dare challenge the idea of the unexplored world!

From Arthurian legends to the actual profundities of the Mariana Channel and the haziest corners of the human psyche, Lovecraft in a Period of Frenzy overflows with special takes on a portion of Lovecraft's most forbiddable manifestations. Including stories from C.L. Werner, Thomas Parrott, Imprint Wheaton, David F. Dark, Scotty Milder, and other new and laid-out creators. Go along with us as we slip into franticness!

Lovecraft in a Time of Madness

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