Night Shift

Night Shift

Genre: Horror 

Language: English

Year: 2008

Price on Amazon: $20,81

Author: Stephen King

Stephen King's most memorable assortment of brief tales, initially distributed in 1978, exhibits the haziest profundities of his splendid creative mind and will "chill the cockles of many a heart" (Chicago Tribune). Night Shift is the motivation for north of twelve acclaimed blood and gore films and TV series, including Offspring of the Corn, Chapelwaite, and Lawnmower Man.

Here we see changed rodents turned sour ("Graveyard Shift"); a destructive infection that undermines humankind ("Night Surf," the reason for The Stand); a had, evil lawnmower ("The Lawnmower Man"); disrupting kids from the heartland ("Children of the Corn"); a smoker who will have a go at anything to stop ("Quitters, Inc."); a withdrawn alcoholic who starts a frightful change.

Night Shift

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