6 tips for taking 7,000 steps a day

 Fitness is more important than ever. Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels or just want to stay healthy and fit, adding more exercise to your daily routine is essential.

6 tips for taking 7,000 steps

And according to what was published by the French magazine "Presanti", some research has shown that taking 7,000 steps a day is a good way to lose weight, in addition to being an easily achievable goal, especially if you bring some adjustments to your daily life. 

From what I translatedcountryHere are 6 tips that will help you reach (and even exceed) the 7,000 steps per day goal, without drastically changing your lifestyle or sacrificing valuable time with family and friends.

Below, the magazine reviewed how 7,000 steps can lead to meaningful changes to your health and happiness:

Studies recommend 10,000 steps, but 7,000 steps are good too!

According to several studies, walking 7,000 steps a day has been shown to benefit your overall health. Research shows that taking 7,000 steps a day can help reduce risk factors for major chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Not only does walking help manage weight gain and reduce fat body, but it is also known to improve mental health and increase vitality.

Walking 7,000 steps a day is good for your overall health

Other scientific evidence from national health and nutrition studies shows that people who walk about 7,000 steps a day have a much lower death rate than people who walk less than 5,000 or even 10,000 steps. per day. Therefore, this extensive research and evidence suggest that aiming to walk 7,000 steps a day is not just necessary; It is also incredibly beneficial for long-term health.

Start your program now by following these six tips:

Tip #1: Buy a pedometer.

Since your fitness is so important, buying a pedometer is probably one of the smartest things you can do to achieve it. A pedometer or fitness tracker not only provides accurate data and information on how many steps you have taken each day, but It can also be a great motivational tool to keep you going.

Buy a pedometer.

Moreover, these devices do not only focus on the steps; Most of these gadgets also track calorie consumption and heart rate and also offer useful mapping functions. With all of these features in one device, it's no wonder pedometers are so popular in the health and fitness world.

Tip #2: find out where you live.

Walking around your neighborhood can also be helpful when looking to increase your step count. Taking the same path every time can get tedious and repetitive, so try to explore different areas of your surroundings, visit parks, and wander off the usual path. Not only will this increase your step count; but It also contributes to your walking pleasure.

Tip #3: Go back and forth around your house.

You can also use a walking method to take extra steps around the house. Instead of sitting for long periods of time, get up regularly to take breaks. If you can walk good distances around the house, it will help increase your base daily steps.

Tip #4: Enjoy your lunch break.

Enjoy your lunch break.

Another good tip is a lunchtime walk, weather permitting. Whether it's during breaks at work, university or college, get out and take walks in parks or along rivers instead of eating at your desk. It lets you get away from the long hours of sitting indoors, with the ability to take 7,000 steps.

A midday walk is a good advice.

Tip #5: Get the most out of your daily tasks.

The best way to achieve this goal is to exercise daily. You can add more steps quickly by cleaning and tidying up the house, so take the opportunity to move around more often! Then, when shopping at the store, take two trips instead of one to get your luggage home and park further away from your destination points to extend the duration of your activities.

Tip #6: Consider a group outing.

On days off, playing sports or a group hobby can be a fun way to take a step without feeling like a workout! Social interaction has been proven to have positive effects on physical health; It boosts motivation and energy levels which are essential to hitting those 7,000 steps of everyday goals!

Consider a group outing.

Walking with friends makes exercise more fun

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