Right On Time

Genre: Romance 

Language: English

Year: 2020

Price on Amazon: $5,53 

AuthorRobin Brande

Right On Time

New Year's Eve. The ideal time for fresh starts. Furthermore, perhaps new love.

Janie loves her occupation as a movement nurturer, however, it implies she's been away from home excessively long. Since her cousin Sarah has had her most memorable child, it's the ideal time for Janie to take a brief occupation close by and appreciate everyday life once more.

She'll just be here for 90 days. Then, at that point, she's set for the following position. It's the means by which she gets a kick out of the chance to live.

Except if a performer she meets at the New Year's Eve party can some way or another alter her perspective.

[An independent brief tale in the realm of Affection Confirmation. Incorporates a review of the original HEART OF ICE by Robin Brande.]

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Right On Time

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