Technology will enter more areas of work in 2023

 Experts expect spending on information technology to increase by 5% in 2023, which equates to more than US$4 trillion, according to the Foundation. "Gardens" revealed many technical trends to watch in the current year.

Technology will enter more areas of work in 2023

Contactless digital payments

  • To prevent the risk of transmission through cash payments.
  • Most notably, contactless electronic payments, prevent the spread of diseases caused by infections transmitted through banknotes and plastic money.


  • Projections show that the worth of the metaverse business will reach $30 trillion by 2030.
  • Metaverse has its share of the world's attention this year, and this virtual world is gearing up to reshape the workplace, and the value of this industry is expected to reach around $13 trillion by 2030.

Digital identities

  • The year will also see an increase in interest and a move towards a growing reliance on fingerprints and digital identities, and more users will have their credentials which will reduce app fraud. health and education.
  • Clients' finances will be put away in scrambled computerized wallets on their own gadgets.

Virtual workspaces

  • This will represent 30% of business growth plans to use Metaverse technologies by 2027.
  • And speaking of virtual worlds, virtual workspaces will become widespread and impose themselves because they contribute to increasing the capacity of companies to recruit employees and bring them together regardless of their geographical location.

Expenses to switch to the machine

  • The year 2023 will be the year of undisputed automation, or what is called"automating" Industry experts predict a surge in industry spending as companies aim to do more with less.

Unintentional computing

  • Enable machines to manage their systems based on changes in the surrounding environment.
  • The term involuntary computing is also expected to spread further, i.e. allowing machines to manage their systems based on variables in the surrounding environment, meaning dependency growing in artificial intelligence algorithms.

A framework for managing artificial intelligence

  • This will be done according to ethical standards that guarantee confidentiality, reliability, and security.
  • This question will become a concern for institutions and individuals, as expected by experts in technology, given the solutions and innovations it brings for purposes that humans may not be able to implement.

The Internet of Things

  • The aim is to increase the cybersecurity and resilience of supply chains.
  • This leads us to rely more on Internet of Things tools, which provide greater flexibility and security for global supply chains.
  • Internet of Things tools give more efficiency and effectiveness and allow people to do the same work without a geographic presence, not to mention the myriad benefits in the area of ​​sustainability.

Quantum computers

The extraordinary advancements continue to be relied upon in many industries.

Within expectations, the world will continue to expand the use of quantum computers, and they are expected to make greater progress in the fields of pharmaceutical development, nuclear energy, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.

Many are betting on these technology trends in order to achieve the best for humans and perhaps lead the world towards more prosperity and achieve the highest standards of sustainability, furthermore, why not lay a strong specialized establishment stone for people in the future?

Technology specialist, Oussama El-Deeb, said in an interview with "Sky News Arabia":

  • In 2022, it became clear that the Corona outbreak had some side benefits, such as improving reliance on the Internet of Things, to transact digitally and intelligently without contact.
  • Humanity will continue to spend diligently on technology in the years to come, while Metaverse will take a large part of it.
  • Many companies will continue to hold their meetings virtually, in the current year, while country leaders in the year 2022 have increased their use of technology to host summits and meetings.
  • Expectations of an increase in remote working in the new year, as several companies tend to austerity and cut spending amid the crisis caused by inflation.

The technological and technical progress that the world witnessed last year is still continuing in the new year, and the technological discoveries that have been previously discussed will clearly show their impacts on the ground gradually.

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