Bottled Nightmares Vol. 1

 Genre: Horror 

Language: English

Year: 2022

Price on Amazon: $5,81

Author: David Dwan

Bottled Nightmares Vol. 1

Six stories of the grim and powerful. Going from the strange and mythic to the absolutely bloody!

DOLL: A baffling doll torment and amnesiac. A man tortured by half-recalled bad dreams and a guilty conscience, who might possibly be a killer.

THE CARRIAGE: A long-failed-to-remember rail line carriage is found by two kids while on vacation. Where something that has been putrefied for a really long time, hides inside the very wood and steel of the actual design. Furthermore, is frantic about discharge.

Indeed, IT'S Cutting edge, Yet IT'S As yet A Burial place: A hapless male model botches his direction into a best-in-class dugout, worked by his military engineer sweetheart as Armageddon looms. He is the first, however, dread and distrust before long set in as he trusts that his better half will go along with him. Then, at that point, he should seal himself in as others approach. He scarcely realizes how anything functions. Will this be his place of refuge or his burial chamber?

Dark BLUE: A strange story of enchantment and misfortune set on a little Caribbean Island, where an animal, that once imagined it was a man, gets back from the ocean for vengeance and lost love.

Confrontation AT LITTLE Stone: Set in the old west. A man is constrained from his town and into the cruel desert. Where, as he hangs tight for death, he is set upon by a weird shadow-plagued storm. Dread gives way to a family relationship as he understands he shares something else for all intents and purposes with these odd miracles than those made of flesh back home.

THE MOREAU Detestations: A riff on a little section in H.G Wells' work of art. The Island of Specialist Moreau. Gossipy tidbits about horrendous vivisected manifestations flourish. A youthful correspondent goes secret at Moreau's puzzling lab. To find what clandestine examinations the Specialist, named both a virtuoso and a psycho, is doing under such mystery. Furthermore, in particular, what is that thing kept far away in the room behind the locked and yet again authorized entryway he is prohibited to enter.

Exactly for what reason did Specialist Moreau escape Britain and what contorted abhorrences did he abandon?

Bottled Nightmares Vol. 1

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