Find fitness by elements

 Pursuit of physical fitness with the elements, physical fitness helps to maintain the body's safety and health, protects it from disease, makes it supple and healthy, and perfectly exercises its normal life, and physical fitness, in short, means doing many different things sports activities actively and energetically, without feeling tired Exhaustion and fatigue, to achieve them.

Fitness by elements

Introduction to fitness

The term physical fitness can be summarized as the ability to perform a variety of daily activities with high efficiency with a high level of physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual health, which makes the individual capable of coping with the sudden pressures of a life well and efficiently, and with the progress of science the concept of fitness has changed, it depends on the measure of strength The musculature of the individual and the efficiency of the work of the heart and lungs in his body The fitness is divided into two parts: general fitness, which refers to health and well-being, and special fitness, which refers to a particular type of exercise. High fitness can be achieved by following a proper diet. Take a comfort break.

Find fitness by elements

The following is a comprehensive research on and related to exercise

Definition of fitness

Fitness is defined as a measure of the ability of the human body to perform daily tasks or exercise without feeling tired and exhausted. It is measured using measuring devices and scientific tests and compared to the optimal proportions. Healthy foods, regular and continuous exercise, in addition to getting enough rest and not stressing and overloading your body.

Ways to increase your fitness level

The fitness level of the human body can be raised from several points that must be observed
  • Consume foods that provide energy to the human body in large quantities, especially foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, while ensuring that they do not contain fat.
  • Get enough and regular sleep, as sleep changes during exercise and exercise pain returns.
  • Exercise regularly for two months, as this is the time to get your body used to exercise without getting tired.
  • Focus on training the legs while doing muscle-strengthening exercises.
  • Focus on different exercises, especially non-traditional exercises that depend on advanced training technology, taking into account their performance.
  • Record exercises, fitness progress, mental state, and sleep data to compare with previous reports to measure fitness progress.

The importance of physical fitness

The importance of fitness can be illustrated by the following points

The importance of physical fitness

  1. Physical fitness is a means of draining tasks and negative energy from the human body, as a result of exposure to any tension, fear, anger, or anxiety, which gives the individual a sense of positivity and comfort.
  2. Physical fitness improves the general health of the human body due to its effectiveness in increasing the capacity of the lungs on the one hand and increasing the size of the heart on the other hand and also reducing the possibility of the individual contracting this disease, many diseases. The first is obesity and heart disease.
  3. Fitness develops from the level of an individual's mental abilities in comprehension, analysis, and perception, as well as from the development of their various abilities.
  4. Acquire experiences that shape the personality of the individual and increase his sense of belonging to the group.

Top physical fitness tips

A few tips for getting the perfect tall figure

  • Eat sufficient and abundant amounts of vitamin C daily, as studies have shown that this vitamin helps in the production of carnitine, responsible for converting fat into energy.
  • Get enough sleep, at least seven hours, to get a tight athletic body.
  • Be sure to eat beneficial fats rich in omega-3 acids, such as spinach fat, to reduce the amount of sugar, and replace them with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and oats.
  • Regular and short exercises, in addition to psychological meditation.

fitness elements

fitness elements

Elements of physical fitness are often associated with motor performance and one of the most important of these elements

  1. Muscle strength is muscle power that replaces the greatest amount of energy possible and many factors affect muscle strength such as fiber type, fiber size, psychological state, muscle exercise, nutrition, and rest.
  2. Speed ​​is the ability of a person to perform various exercises, regardless of difficulty, in the shortest possible time. It has a cozy relationship with nimbleness and relies upon muscle strength and resolution. Speed ​​can be increased by repetition.
  3. Flexibility is the ability of the body to perform a variety of physical activities within a wide range allowed by the muscles, and human flexibility controls its movement and the ability to learn and practice movements correctly and also affects the time it takes to implement the movements to reduce them. and the effort put in.
  4. Agility is a measure of a person's ability to move the movement of his body in the shortest possible time, and agility helps a person learn various sports skills and master them in record time and depends on many factors, the most important of which are the capacity of the muscle and the speed of its response.

Fitness exercises

There are several exercises to increase the level of physical energy in the human body, including:

fitness exercises

  • Squat exercises.
  • Resistance exercises for lifting heavy weights and objects.
  • High-impact workouts, like energetic strolling, running, and cycling.
  • Balance exercises like standing on one leg.
  • Flexibility exercises like yoga.

Research on the importance of fitness

The importance of fitness to the human body stems from its ability to elevate a person's level of mental and physical health through regular and effective exercise, and the extent to which a person increases their self-confidence when she achieves good health, and a harmonious body. , in addition to allowing self-expression and emotional control, at the time of anger or stress.

Conclusion Fitness Research

Fitness is the extent of the body's ability to balance the performance of daily work and exercise without experiencing any exertion, exhaustion, or fatigue, and in individuals, despite its importance in raising the level of fitness, it is stated to be necessary to ensure that a good level of physical fitness is maintained.

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