Secrets In The Mirror

Genre: Fiction 

Language: English

Year: 2022

Price on Amazon: $18,40

Author: Leslie Kain

Secrets In The Mirror

Family. Similar individuals who obliterated Gavin's confidence are the ones he should save.

At the point when Gavin thoroughly searches in the mirror he sees his twin Devon ― in a real sense. However like the mirror, inside they are the opposite of one another. Devon is the divinely selected individual, blessed by their intense Horde-associated father, who disparages Gavin as a geek yet anticipates that he should save his sibling from his most terrible impulses. Gavin battles to have faith in himself and pursue his own choices even with Father's harassment and Devon's egotistical gaslighting. At the point when Devon gets into medications and wrongdoing, individuals begin biting the dust. Gavin's devoted partners let him know he can't save his twin; he should save himself. He escapes to make opportunity and progress far away, however, he can't stow away from his sociopathic sibling, or from the Crowd.

Secrets In The Mirror is a general adventure of one family's excursion to transcend social points of reference. Yet, Gavin is the person who should at long last break the shackles of multigenerational and egotistical maltreatment, in spite of inseparable bonds with a twin who's set out toward implosion. A story wrestles with the basics to save others versus the battle to save oneself.

"The novel gives a smart thought of a problem that has the ability to obliterate connections. A serious, engrossing transitioning story." - Kirkus Surveys

"A suspenseful thrill ride enlightening the impacts of extreme dysfunctional behavior on kin and family, this story about growing up develops more obscure on each page. Kain takes the peruser on an extreme ride with a puncturing story that features impacts of the multigenerational physical and profound injury. Crowds will end up asking which part of Gavin's life [his twin] Devon will demolish straightaway, and relish the strain of this mental twister. Extraordinary for devotees of The Young lady on the Train and The Lady in the Window" ‒ BookLife

"Leslie Kain conveys a dramatically engaging tale about the persevering drive to save a family, regardless of how grieved it very well might be ... The strain starts flowing through the DiMasi home from their most memorable cruel cooperations and doesn't yield until the last charging minutes. ... Purposely frightening and stunningly unpredictable, Secrets In The Mirror is an effective spine chiller that toes the scarcely discernible difference among thoughtful and unnerving." - Indies Today (5-star survey)

"Secrets in the Mirror is a convincing tale about Self-absorbed Behavioral conditions blended in with family examples of misuse and enslavement. Gavin, the legend, needs just to save his family, yet his indistinguishable twin's an undeniably hazardous way of behaving and affected speculation undermine everybody's prosperity and security. Include the Crowd, and this unstable exciting read will keep you up around evening time!" - - Barbara Claypole White, smash hit writer of The Ideal Child and The Commitment Between Us

"I love a book that gets my stomach shivering and stressed for the characters right all along. The sluggish structure strain stays all through the book and keeps you turning the pages with a smidgen of fear and a ton of interest. The indistinguishable twin dynamic of Gavin and Devon set up a moment good clashing with an insidious plot that is bolting. This story unloads a definitive nature versus sustain discussion and shows how a family's past can impact the future." - - Julee Balko, creator of The Things We Keep&l

Secrets In The Mirror

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