The Keeper of Happy Endings

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Year: 2021

Price on Amazon: $7,99

Author: Barbara Davis

The Keeper of Happy Endings

This was one more book I downloaded and I was totally enthralled from page one. In this book, the writer, Barbara Davis, winds around a brilliant story of two ladies many years separated whose lives are practically the same. Both have a life partner who is missing and they dread they have lost. Both are crushed by their misfortunes and from the get-go, experience difficulty tracking down the solidarity to progress forward with their lives.


Soline Roussel has found out about the marriage business from her loved ones. For ages, the family has had a marriage shop in Paris where they are notable for the enchantment in their dresses that carry cheerful endings to the ladies who wear them. The dresses are hand-tailored and lovely and Soline figures out how to join the dresses cautiously. Everything is great till the conflict comes to Paris alongside the German occupation. Dresses are at this point not sought after and Soline is pulled in numerous headings incorporating working with the obstruction. Deplorability and pain lead her to America where she begins another life.


Many years after the fact Rory interacts with Soline when she rents Soline's old marriage search for a display for obscure specialists. Rory has a misfortune herself with a missing life partner' and an overbearing mother. She is conflicted between stowing away and pushing ahead. I wouldn't want anything more than to recount a greater amount of the story yet don't have any desire to over-indulge the shock and exciting bends in the road of the story. Allow us just to say that the two ladies' gathering will turn into a defining moment in both of their lives.

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The Keeper of Happy Endings

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