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most expensive NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) saw their market increase to surpass $17 billion in 2021, and are expected to surpass $40 billion in 2022.

Non-fungible tokens are arrays (photos, video, audio clip, video game) that rely on blockchain technology which ensures they cannot be replicated or tampered with.

In 2021, there was a significant increase in the number of investors taking note of the NFT market, and celebrities and artists also participated in the shopping cart to buy paintings with non-fungible tokens.

Top 10 most expensive sales

The proceeds from the sale of the 10 most expensive non-fungible tokens amounted to approximately $285.77 million, and they are ranked in ascending order from cheapest to most expensive as follows.

10. Seaside ($6 million)


Beeple is another big name in the NFT world. He has sold a number of record NFTs, including an Ocean Front NFT at auction for $6 million.

9- Screenshot titled Ringers


Ringers is a collection of randomly generated digital artworks. The Ringers collection is somewhat unique in that it uses the Art Blocks platform where artists create algorithms that create art, and it has sold for $7 million.

8- Screenshot of right-click Save as Guy NFT

right click

"Right click save as" has become a joke among NFT critics. The idea behind it is that NFT ownership seems redundant when digital art can be easily copied and distributed inexpensively. The painting sold for $7.1 million.

Interestingly, this piece was purchased by rapper and actor Snoop Dogg in December 2021 for just over seven million dollars.

7- CryptoPunk


Cryptopunk is a painting that comes from being one of the nine alien CryptoPunks. This bizarre painting features a figure with three props: a pair of small shades, a smoking pipe with small clouds of smoke billowing from it, and a blanket. The painting sold for $7.58 million.

6- CryptoPunk


This is also another painting, one of nine Alien Punks, where Alien also wears a blue and white headband, Punk was sold out on March 11, 2021, and his journey started from $76 in the 2017 show, and its price continued at $2 million, and in The End, has its current price of $7.59 million.

5- CryptoPunk


It was the image that fetched a sale price of nearly $12 million, which was purchased by DraftKings contributor Shalom McKenzie for $11.7 million.

CryptoPunk is also part of the Alien series, although he has a few different accessories compared to his siblings, except he has a red cap, golden earring, and face mask with his rare exterior.

4- A human

a human

This painting belongs to well-known international artist Beeple, and although it is not the artist's most expensive creation, it is perhaps the most unique. It is a hybrid design that also combines physical elements. It is a human-sized statue made of polished aluminum and wood, sold for 28 million dollars.

3- Time

The watch was sold in February 2022 and was developed by Buck and Julian Assange to help with the controversial WikiLeaks founder's legal costs; Assange has been imprisoned in the UK for several years, placing him at the center of a heated debate among those interested in privacy and censorship, both online and offline.

The clock is a simple counter that shows the number of days Assange has been in jail; The painting has sold for nearly $50 million and has made waves among cryptocurrency advocates, many of whom are staunch supporters of the controversial figure.

2 - Daily plate

Daily plate

In its first-ever digital art auction, Christie's sold a massive collection of Beeple artwork for a record $69 million. Beeple has been creating artwork every day since May 2007 and never misses a single day.

Dubbed "every day", these works of art vary in style, medium, and content and are often based on dystopian or satirical settings.

1. The Mixing Table ($91.8 million)

The Mixing Table

Ranked as the most expensive NFT ever sold at $91.8 million, The Merge is the creation of renowned digital artist Pak. Buck is another big name in the NFT space, having created some of the most well-known works of art.

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