What we'd like to see in the next Marvel's Wolverine PS5 exclusive

 After years of hoping to present a legendary game for the character of Spider-Man, Insomniac Games arrived in 2018 and presented Marvel's Spider-Man, which is the best game presented for the character in video game history. We now await the second part of Spider-Man, which was announced a year ago and will arrive next fall; The reveal of the second part took place during the PlayStation Showcase event for the year 2021, but we weren't surprised by that as much as we were surprised by the reveal of one of the games that fans from Marvel wanted to present, which is Marvel's Wolverine, which we are currently working on.

Marvel's Wolverine PS5 exclusive

At the penultimate PlayStation Showcase 2021 event, we were all surprised to reveal Marvel's Wolverine game through a short teaser. At the start of the show, a person appeared sitting in a cafe - without showing their face - after destroying it and killing everyone, then a survivor came from behind him carrying a knife and prepared to attack him, but the first withdrew claws from his hands; It turns out to be a game for the Wolverine character, in a resounding surprise for gamers.

Since then, nothing else has been revealed about the game, so we don't know many details about it. Therefore, in the meantime, we will talk in this article about the most important things that the Insomniac Games studio must provide in its game to be perfect and to be the best game for the character of Wolverine, so let's get to know these things together.

Step away from the open world and focus on the linear or semi-open world instead

In the game, Marvel's Spider-Man, the studio Insomniac Games presented an open world, which suited the character of Spider-Man, because he always wandered around the city, and the open world was one of the most important features of the game. But with Marvel's Wolverine, the open world just wouldn't suit a character like Wolverine. Anyone who follows Wolverine in the Marvel movies or series, or even in the comics, will know that he is always on the move and does not stay in one place. Being confined to one place does not suit the character, which is what will happen if an open world is presented, as most of the game will take place in a city like New York.

Therefore, it is better for Insomniac Games studio to work on presenting a linear world or semi-open world like Uncharted 4 and God of War in their game and maybe focus on the introduction of the chapter system, and each chapter contains a different place that we visit so that there is a diversity of places in addition to the movement Among the many places suitable for the personality.

Because it's the nature of Wolverine, violence should be a key element of gameplay


Violence was not something studio Insomniac Games wanted to present in previous games such as Ratchet and Clank and Marvel's Spider-Man, and that's to be expected as the former is introduced to children and the latter revolves around a character. loved by children, but with Wolverine, it's different because he's not a popular character among children or liked by them It depends on the use of violence with enemies, and most personal actions are classified as adults only as a result of the violence.

Unlike Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Logan, his stories are darker, rely more on violence, and hack enemies to pieces with his claws. Therefore, all we ask is that the strength and brutality of the character be harnessed so that the gameplay is based on violence in the first place. Featuring Marvel's Wolverine reveal, we can expect Logan's violence and brutality to be a staple of the game.

Make the environment destructible

Marvel Screenshot

To provide gameplay variety and increase violence, the environment must be fully destructible to show Logan's brutality. For example, each fight must destroy the location where the fight took place, and certain objects in the environment can be used to throw or fall at enemies to kill them. through the first screenshots -photo above- Game Reveal Trailer You'll notice that the cafe where Logan is sitting is destroyed following one of the brutal battles, meaning Insomniac Games may be looking to make the environment destructible. And with Marvel's Wolverine available exclusively on the PlayStation 5 platform, it will ensure that the studio takes advantage of the platform's capabilities to deliver destructible environments.

Wolverine's healing ability makes him "immortal", but how fun will the game be?

wolverine injured bullet holes

Apart from having great strength and brutality in combat, no one can kill Wolverine as one of his main advantages or abilities is recovery and survival. No matter what damage he takes, he won't die, that is, he can be considered "immortal", so it's something you can't do without in the next game for the character, and his ability to heal needs to be present in the game, which is no small feat because introducing this thing is a tough challenge for the developers.

With Logan's ability to heal and not die, the challenge for Insomniac Games is to make the game fun and not boring. If this ability is introduced to the game, it will be the first Wolverine game to introduce it, and it will be one of the game's most important features, provided it is placed correctly. I'm sure the developers will introduce this capability correctly, And we expect their creativity.

Adapt Wolverine's best fights from the comics and bring them into the game

wolverine vs hulk

Anyone who follows comics -Comic books- Or the Wolverine movies and TV shows, he'll know he's fought many resounding battles against the world's most famous Marvel characters such as Deadpool, Daredevil, The Punisher, and most importantly, of course, the Hulk, and most of them. 'between them were fierce fighting. If you want to make a successful superhero game, you have to come up with battles against the most famous enemy of this superhero. For example, in Marvel's Spider-Man, the studio featured battles against several of its enemies, such as Rhino, Scorpion, and Otto Octavius, which was why the game appears at such a high level, and Insomniac Games should work to repeat that deal with Marvel's Wolverine.

If there's one fight that should be adapted from the comics and featured in Marvel's Wolverine, it would definitely be Wolverine vs. Hulk from the famous book The Incredible Hulk. If this battle is featured, it will undoubtedly be a huge event as it is the most famous battle in the Marvel Universe, and it will definitely cause massive destruction as both characters are known for their brutality and violence.

We really hope that the Wolverine vs. Hulk fight will be introduced in the game because it really deserves to have a place among the other fights that will be featured.

Marvel's Wolverine is currently in development to release exclusively on the PlayStation 5 platform over the next two years and possibly next year 2024, and with a full year since the game was announced, we expect that he has come a long way in the development process. In fact, I'm looking forward to the game's release date even more than Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which comes out this fall from the same studio.

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