And There Was Light

Genre: Biography    

Language: English

Year: 2022

Author: Jon Meacham

Price on Amazon: $20.00

And There Was Light

Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer and #1 New York Times top-rated creator Jon Meacham narratives the existence of Abraham Lincoln, diagramming how — and why — he faced withdrawal, dangers to a majority rules system, and the awfulness of subjugation to extend the potential outcomes of America. "In his charming new book, Jon Meacham has given us the Lincoln for our time." — Henry Louis Entryways, Jr.

Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle

A president who represented a partitioned country has a lot to show us in a twenty-first-century snapshot of polarization and political emergency. Detested and hailed, abraded and worshipped, Abraham Lincoln was at the zenith of American influence when unyielding secessionists gave no quarter in a conflict of dreams bound up with cash, race, character, and confidence. In him, we can consider the potential outcomes of the administration to be well as its constraints.

Without a moment's delay natural and subtle, Lincoln will in general be viewed as the best of American presidents — a distant symbol — or as a legislator driven more by computation than by conviction. This enlightening new picture gives us an exceptionally human Lincoln — a flawed man whose moral abolitionist responsibility, crucial for the narrative of equity in America, started as he experienced childhood in an abolitionist Baptist people group; who demanded that subjugation was an ethical malevolence; and who looked for, as he put it, to do right as God gave him to see the right.

And There Was Light

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