Meta Masters Guild Presale Offer Raised Over $1.4 Million.


Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild "MMG" is a new third web gaming project and gaming technology platform that combines blockchain and web3 technologies to provide gamers with an innovative and engaging environment. The game is based on its own currency, which started to gain popularity during the pre-sale period, raking in over $1.45 million within a few weeks which offers limited opportunity to Invest At Discounted Prices.

The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the MEMAG base coin, an ERC-20-compliant digital currency. The technical system of the game allows rewards to be earned in the form of in-game currencies, in addition to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), by participating in game activities.

All platform games are based on the $MEMAG currency, which has a direct exchange rate for gems that can be obtained as in-game rewards, meaning gems are not a digital currency, but can be traded against the MEMAG$ digital currency; This distinction allows iOS and Android versions of the game to be approved by the Apple and Google app stores.

Meta Masters Guild's mission is to create a unique, decentralized web3 gaming experience, where players are not just consumers, but also active participants with full ownership of their virtual assets, which they can collect, exchange, and from which they can benefit.

The project aims to increase the sense of enjoyment of playing through innovative gaming methods that reward player effort instead of engaging in long and stressful games with few rewards.

The project is also keen to help talented players compete at the highest level, in addition to supporting official esports teams and content creators who promote the project's brand.

In addition, the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) offers an ongoing rewards program for its fans, and also organizes events that reward talented and committed members, and also allow them to participate in tournaments, leagues, and other competitions. to gain experience and currencies that can be exchanged for real prizes.

Why is the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) essential in third-party web games?

There are giant corporations dominating the gaming industry today which leads to indie game developers and gamers being deprived of reaping the fruits of their labor as the current gaming model requires strenuous efforts on the part of players in exchange for little return while giving players only a small opportunity to express their vision for the development of games they play.

In response to this reality, the Meta Masters Guild seeks to challenge the reality of gaming through a decentralized platform that rewards players for their efforts, encourages creativity, and enables smaller studios to design games and deliver products that can compete in the gaming industry.

Additionally, the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) allows players - for the first time ever - direct and complete ownership of their virtual (in-game) assets, allowing them to reap the rewards of their real-world gaming endeavors, far and wide. restrictions that big companies usually put in their way; The goal is for the Meta Masters Guild to be an environment that brings players together in a more fun and fair gaming experience.

Web3 Meta Masters Guild Game Principles

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) has identified four basic principles that form the backbone of its technical system, namely: fun first, ownership, the role of the game community in its creation, play and Gain.

Pleasure first important principle of MMG, the project strives to make fun a top priority and to ensure that issues such as blockchain integration, commodification, and in-game earning mechanics do not overshadow the experience of players participating in Web3 games. Sustainability is also a major goal, as the project is keen to retain its large audience of gamers by providing them with engaging content that ensures the continuity and expansion of the game's popular base.

Actual ownership: Players have full and complete ownership of all virtual game assets within the MMG technical system, and can validate and trade them on the Ethereum blockchain; This helps decentralize the technical system and increases the incentive to purchase these assets, as players know what they are getting is their real and permanent property.

The role of the game community in its making: Multiplayer games are primarily dependent on the gaming community, and MMG is committed to involving players in their games' decision-making processes and obtaining feedback to constantly improve game features, and encourages developers to contribute to improving the game through events, competitions, and rewards for creators and committed members.

Play and win: The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) offers the principle of play and win (P&E) instead of the principle of play to win (P2E) because it - unlike other projects which limit the goal of playing to only winning - considers that winning is guaranteed in all cases (success). , and instead focuses on building a player base that values ​​- above all else - innovative gameplay that provides them with a fun and authentic experience rather than just focusing on earning coins and robbing players of the joy of playing.

The focus on earning money and speculation has led to the collapse of the play-to-earn (P2E) mode. Names such as Axie Infinity have fallen and the value of their currency has dropped dramatically.

Early Products of Meta Masters Guild (MMG) Web3 Games

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) currently has a few game projects that are in the design or early development stage. Among these games we mention:

Meta Kart racers: It is a car racing game that focuses on competition in skilled driving. In this game, players compete in tournaments and leagues to earn coins that they can use to buy upgrades for their cars as well as rare in-game tradable items.

NFT Raid Game: It is an online fighting game, where teams of players compete using different character classes, and each team tries to survive as long as possible and collect rare coins and items in the game.

The world of meta-masters: It is a virtual world (metaverse), which provides an environment that allows players to engage in activities and explore many types of content, and it also allows the exchange of non-fungible tokens ( NFT) through a special store, so that each item in the game has an NFT code in an active virtual game store that helps players freely exchange their goods with each other.

It's clear that the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is on its way to becoming the number one platform for competitive Web3 games thanks to these projects and initiatives. The team's dedication to delivering an experience that combines real fun with rewarding rewards for players stands out as Meta Masters Guild is one of the best blockchain gaming projects on the market today.

Finally, thanks to the Meta Masters Guild (MMG), players can look forward to a whole new era of competitive gaming, as they will have full ownership and control of their virtual assets, reaping the rewards of their efforts during the game. Game.

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