Artificial intelligence will account for 20% of all jobs within 5 years


Artificial intelligence will account

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, was launched at the end of last year, which raised many concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market. She quickly moved into positions in customer service, writing, and even the legal profession.

 According to the British Daily Mail, Microsoft has invested $10 billion in ChatGPT and said the technology will change the way people interact with computers.

 "I think ChatGPT can replace 20% of the workforce as it is," said Richard Dever, AI expert, and social engineering lead at Ultima.

"ChatGPT is not a fad, it's a new technological revolution...bots don't necessarily come for your job, but a human with a bot will do," Dever added.

 "It's not just a new fad like Bitcoin or NFTs or smart contact lenses, it's happening and it shows no signs of slowing down," Dever explained.

 "It won't be an overnight process where humans are automatically replaced by robots, it will be the first wave of less experienced people using AI tools to help them with their daily tasks," Dever continued.

Several companies already offer AI solutions to automate "human" tasks, such as Jounce AI, which promises "free and unlimited AI scripts".

 DoNotPay uses ChatGPT technology to defend people in court against speeding fines. In the UK, ChatGPT allows them to get a place on a shortlist for a job interview by completing a written assignment.

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